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Fidelity (Infidelity #5)
Author:Aleatha Romig

Fidelity (Infidelity #5)

Aleatha Romig

The Infidelity series contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences. While the use of overly descriptive language is infrequent, the subject matter is targeted at readers over the age of eighteen.

Infidelity is a five-book romantic suspense series. Each individual book will end in a way that will hopefully make you want more until we reach the end of the epic journey.

The Infidelity series does not advocate or glorify cheating. This series is about the inner struggle of compromising your beliefs for your heart. It is about cheating on yourself, not someone else.

I hope you enjoy the epic tale of INFIDELITY!

The Infidelity series is dedicated to my readers, to everyone who had faith in me, who believed that after the amazing ride that was Consequences, another group of characters could come to life within the pages of an Aleatha book. Thank you for reading this five-book series and taking a chance on Charli with an i and Lennox “Nox” Demetri. Thank you for your support and anticipation as their story grew and the saga continued. Thank you for having confidence in another twisted, layered story that was not simply boy meets girl, but an epic tale of love, struggle, and survival through the generations.

I couldn’t have brought the Montagues, Demetris, Spencers, and Fitzgeralds to life without you.

To my betas: Kirsten, Sherry, Val, Angie, Melissa, and Kelli, my editor, Lisa Aurello, my cover artist, Kellie Dennis, my formatter, Angela McLaurin, my amazing PR support at Inkslinger with Danielle Sanchez, and my proofreader as well as fantastic cheerleader, Ilona Townsel, this series has been a group effort. Thank you!

To my fellow authors who have held my hand and continually offered me and my crazy ideas overwhelming support, I thank you! Despite what the world sometimes sees, this is a fantastic community. I’m honored to be a part of it.

A special thank you to Mr. Jeff and our family. Your devotion, sacrifice, and patience allowed me the time to create. I love you more every day!

She thought she could save those she loved.

He thought he could save her.

They’ll both learn the truth.

FIDELITY, the dramatic conclusion to the epic five-novel series INFIDELITY, following Lennox “Nox” Demetri, Alexandria “Charli” Collins, the Montagues, Demetris, Fitzgeralds, and Spencers is finally here.

When the vows are complete and the dust settles, who will be left standing?

No one is safe, and no alliance is above suspicion in the much-anticipated finale to this hot romantic-suspense saga. Our heroine has survived betrayal, cunning, deception, and entrapment… what will happen when she’s faced with fidelity?

Infidelity, it isn’t what you think.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a sexy new dominant hero who knows what he wants and a strong-willed heroine who has plans of her own. With classic twists, turns, deceptions, and devotions, this new epic romantic suspense will have readers swooning one minute and screaming the next.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

FIDELITY is the fifth and FINAL book of five full-length novels in the INFIDELITY series.

*This series does not advocate nor does it condone cheating.

THIS WAS IT. Alton and Bryce were busy. It was my chance to escape. The seed of hope I’d refused to water sprung to life, its shell bursting open with anticipation, maybe even expectation. Soon, none of this pretense would matter.

Returning Pat’s small nod and with a hopeful grin, I turned toward the limestone steps. A thick layer of fog had settled near the fields, even obstructing the lake. Anything beyond the immediate lawn was masked in a cloud. No one would notice if I disappeared, at least not at first. This was the invisibility cloak I’d hoped for as a child. All I needed to do was make it to the fog. As I handed Pat my champagne flute, his eyes opened wide.

“Uncle Alt—”

A heavy hand landed upon my shoulder. “Where do you think you’re going?”

I turned, perspiration dotting my skin as my shoulder shuddered with Alton’s touch. Fighting the urge to flinch away, I nodded toward the lawn at the few people standing below and answered, “To talk to the guests out there.”

“No, Alexandria. When I summoned Bryce, I meant you also. You’re half of a whole now. Get used to it. Your presence is needed in the office too.”

I wanted to scream for help. I wanted to hold on to Pat.

I couldn’t.

Alton’s stare took away my protest. Instead, I solemnly nodded to Pat and obediently turned toward Alton’s office.